Welcome to the MSF Community

Nice to see you again!

MSF, an association

The foundation of any association is its members. MSF brings together current or former field staff, in addition to people who have never been on a mission before but who have chosen to actively support MSF with their knowledge and skills.

As an Association, MSF is unique in that most of its membership is made up of professionals, mainly field staff workers. Many of its members are also employees, mainly field staff. This combination of personal commitment and professional life often means that MSFers are particularly engaged in their work and in the activities promoted by the Association. This is part of the MSF's identity, just like its culture of debate and self-criticism.

Even those who have not (yet) made the choice to become a member are part of the Association! They receive news and can actively participate in debates. However, they do not have the right to vote during the General Assembly.

The Souk, the MSF associative website to...

  1. Get informed and debate: Read, exchange, contribute, submit a poll, disagree… in new ways! And stay connected with MSF.
  2. Take action: Find opportunities to engage, participate in associative events, seek support and jobs…
  3. Discover our operations all around the world: Stay in touch with MSF’s latest activities, publications and field associative news!
  4. Get to know the Asso: Structure, identity and history, governance, tools and resources… want to know more?

Who is the Souk for?

We want the Souk to be an open space. It is made for the MSF community: former colleagues, staff, members, volunteers, from the offices and field, for all associations and operational centers.